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Corwil Services

servicesUwe electronic Vertriebs GmbH represent CORWIL Technology Corporation in Central Europe.  Corwil is the premier, US based, IC assembly and test services subcontractor. Corwil offers full back-end assembly services starting from wafer sort, thinning & dicing through die-attach, wirebond, package sealing and final test. CORWIL has the experience to meet your most demanding challenges in Flip Chip assembly, aluminum and gold wire bonding, custom encapsulation and plastic molding, wafer probe, and wafer thinning, polishing and dicing.

Uwe electronic and CORWIL are dedicated to meeting customer expectations, producing excellent quality products, and providing superior service to its growing base of more than 1000 customers.

IC Assembly

Leading IC assembly subcontractor in the U.S. for quick-turn prototypes, small and medium size production lots, as well as full production volumes for high-reliability and mil-spec devices. From wafer to finished product.

SIP & MCM Modules

Uwe electronic and CORWIL can guide you through the process from design to assembly of SIP, MCM, and RF modules as well as Stacked Die Assemblies.

MIL & Aerospace Assembly & Testing

With DSCC certifications & ITAR registration, CORWIL is qualified to be the total value solution for all your Military and Aerospace IC assembly and test needs.

Wafer Thinning & Dicing

CORWIL's world-class wafer processing facility thins and dices Silicon, GaAs, Sapphire, Quartz, Laminates, Indium Phosphate, Glass and other materials in low & high volume quantities.

Environmental & Electrical Test

Test services include environmental test, software development, probe card and interface card design and fabrication, wafer electrical probe, and final test.

Engineering Services

CORWIL's engineering team stays at the forefront of semiconductor package design and process technology. CORWIL's engineering expertise has resulted in several proprietary manufacturing and packaging innovations which have solved customer product configuration and manufacturing problems.

Please contact Mr. Uwe Burkhartsmaier and Mr. Walter Viehweg to learn more about the possibilities of Corwil.