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Cleners / Lubrifiants

We now offer various cleaning sprays and lubricants for Test & Contact Technology and electronic devices.

Air Pressure / Cleaning

DUST OFF 67 (200ml spray)

Druckluft 67

Universal air duster. Non-flammable* pressurised gas to remove dust even from the most inaccessible corners of optics and fine mechanics.

Combines powerful pressure and high density to achieve an intensive blowing action. * Criteria according aerosol directive.

order information: Dust Off 67
order number: 12800

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Kontakt 60 (200ml spray)

Kontakt 60

Contact de-oxidiser. Dissolves corrosion layers, restoring the metal contact.

Optimum contact conditions are reached when residues dissolved using Kontakt 60, are rinsed off with Kontakt WL prior to protection with Kontakt 61.

order information: Kontakt 60
order number: 12801

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Kontakt 60 Plus (200ml spray)

Kontakt 60 Plus

Kontakt 60 PLus is specially designed for the cleaning and protection of electrical and electro-mechanical parts.

order information: Kontakt 60 Plus
order number: 12802

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Kontakt WL (200ml spray)

Kontakt WL

Special cleaner and wash-spray.

Washes away dissolved oxides, grease and dirt (after usage of Kontakt 60).

Effective agent for cleaning and degreasing electrical equipment, circuit boards and electronic components.

order information: Kontakt WL
order number: 12803

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Kontakt LR (200ml spray)

Kontakt LR

Flux residues dissolver.

Removes flux residues from electronic assemblies, equipped with applicator brush attached for mechanical support.

Compatible with solder resist coatings and commonly used printed circuit board base materials and components.

order information: Kontakt LR
order number: 12804

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Kontakt Gold 2000 (200ml spray)

Kontakt Gold 2000

Protective lubricant for metal-plated contacts.

For long-lasting lubrication and protection of connectors and other electromechanical contacts, coated with gold, silver, tin, rhodium, palladium, etc.

order information: Kontakt Gold 2000
order number: 12805

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Specifications subject to change without notice!