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The new battery contact solution

magnetische abdeckungen

We are expanding our successful series of spring-loaded connectors with the accessories of magnetic covers.

The great advantages of the magnetic covers are among other things, the tear-off function by the magnet, as well as symmetrical design and ensures reverse polarity protection. This simplifies the design and allows the component to be used on both sides.

The magnetic looking force is higher than the spring force of the spring contact pins, which ensures an optimal permanent contact connection.


The attachment of the magnetic cover is fixed with the mounting screws together with the springloaded connector. Due to the convex and concave shell formations, the cover halves center themselves.

Protection class:

The protection class IP50 is already ensured by the simple magnetic cover. The protection class IP67 can be achieved with an inserted sealing ring, which is available as an additional accessory.


The battery contact / spring contact is detected during positioning and magnetically attracted at the same time. Even with an inaccurate pre-positioning, the magnets pull the product into the exact end position and adhere.

The mechanical connection is suitable for industrial applications such as self-propelled industrial trucks, drone charging cradles and multicopters.

The spring contacts and mating contacts meet with pinpoint accuracy. The function of automatic positioning, i.e., a quick plug-in or pull-out, is solved quickly and easily in operation.

Tear-off function:

The magnetic cover complements today´s customer requirements with the advantage of convenient docking and disconnection of the contact pair.

The tear-off function works in direct pull and thus disconnects the contacts point without damaging the plug and the cable.

The disconnection of the power supply ensures an immediate shutdown. The advantage of this design is that in the event of unintentional disconnection of the connector pair, the cable and the battery contact remain protected.

The magnetic covers are often used in the field of power supply in the medical field and driverless transport systems in the industrial field.

Detailed information about our magnetic covers.




Assembly instruction

Assembly instruction