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The infrared cameras offer stationary thermal imaging with a well price-performance ratio. The IR-cameras are connected via USB to PC and are operational running immediately after connecting. The matching software IR-Connect shows the grasped temperature data as a warm picture.

The infrared camera IR-160 is the basic model. It allows exact measurements from an object size of 1.5 mm with a measurement speed of 120 Hz, perfectly suited for employment in research and development, test stations, and process automation as well as for portable measurement tasks.

The infrared cameras IR-400 / IR-450 are the smallest thermographic cameras in their class. Being equipped with a measurement speed of 80 Hz and an optical resolution of 382 x 288 pixels they provide real-time thermographic images in high speed. The IR camera PI 450 is, due to its thermal sensitivity of 40 mK, specifically suited for detection of slightest temperature differences, making it indispensable in quality control of products and in medical prevention.

UEKA IR S80 klein Caméras thermiques miniatures

Compact IR camera UEKA-IR S80

The newly developed S80 combines the benefits of infrared cameras and infrared thermometers.

A full 80x80 thermal image eliminates the hunt for the hot spot and tedious positioning required with single spot temperature sensors. The integrated spot finder function will identify the hottest (or coldest) spot in the image and automatically communicate these measurements without an external PC.

A wide range of optics including the new 80° lens equips the S80 to collect and analyze temperature information over a wide target area. The affordable pricing for this unit makes it a realistic alternative to replace existing spot temperature sensors or for OEM applications.



  • Industrial imager with 80 x 80 pixels for exact temperature measurement of -20 °C to 900 °C
  • Small sized rugged camera with motorized focus
  • Superb distance-to-spot-size ratio up to 190:1 with sighting capabilities
  • Autonomous operation with automatic spot finder and direct analog output – ideal for OEM use
  • Optional stackable industrial process interface with up to 9 analog or alarm outputs
  • Extensive ready-to-use package for an attractive price – including versatile image processing software and connection cables


Compact IR camera UEKA-IR S400

The newly developed spot finder camera S400 combines the benefits of a robust, compact pyrometer and an advanced IR camera. The 80 Hz frame rate allows for the monitoring of fast thermal processes, even including a line-scan function.

The small thermal imager has an optical resolution of 382 x 288 pixels and comes with an extensive ready-to-use package - including a versatile image processing software.

Due to its compact design and an affordable pricing, the new S400 spot finder IR camera is ideally suited for OEM applications.



  • Chip resolution with 382 x 288 pixels for exact temperature measurement of -20 °C ... 900 °C
  • Small sized rugged camera with motorized focus
  • Distance-to-spot-size ratio up to 390:1 with sighting capabilities
  • 80 Hz frame rate for monitoring of fast thermal processes
  • Extensive ready-to-use package for an attractive price – including versatile image processing software with line-scan feature and connection cables


UEKA-IR400-450 Caméras thermiques à haute résolution

Thermal Imager UEKA-IR 400


  • Detector with 382 x 288 pixels
  • Fast real-time thermal imager with up to 80 Hz
  • Very high thermal sensitivity with 80 mK
  • Smallest camera in its class (46 x 56 x 90 mm)
  • Lightweight (320 g incl. optics)
  • Extensive license-free analysis software inclusive
  • Exchangeable lenses & industrial accessories

Smallest camera in its class
Size in mm


Thermal Imager UEKA-IR 450


Important Features
  • Detector with 382 x 288 pixels
  • Fast real-time thermal imager with up to 80 Hz
  • Very high thermal sensitivity with 40 mK
  • Smallest camera in its class (46 x 56 x 90 mm)
  • Lightweight (320 g incl. optics)
  • Extensive license-free analysis software inclusive
  • Exchangeable lenses & industrial accessories

High temperature resolution of 40 mK
UEKA IR400 450 1E

Smallest camera in its class
Size in mm


Infrared camera IR 640

The thermal imager IR 640 is the smallest measuring VGA infrared camera worldwide.

With an optical resolution of 640x480 pixels, the IR 640 delivers pin-sharp radiometric pictures and videos in real time.

With a body sized 45x56x90 mm and weighing only 320 grams (lens included), the camera counts among the most compact thermal imaging cameras on the market.

It can be delivered with industrial thermal imager equipment and it comes with an extensive license-free thermography software package.

The compact infrared camera measures precisely in the temperature range from -20°C to 900°C. This can optionally be extended up to 1500°C.


Technical parameters:

  • Optical resolution 640 x 480 pixels
  • Temperature range:
  • from -20°C to 900°C
  • (optional up to 1,500°C)
  • Spectral range: 7.5 to 13 µm
  • frame rate: up to 125 Hz
  • Dimensions: 46 mm x 56 mm x 90 mm

Infrarot UEKA IR640


UEKA IR1MCaméras thermiques spéciales pour les métaux et le verre

Infrared cameras for metal measurement IR 1M / IR 05M

The newly developed thermal camera IR 1M is especially suited for temperature measurements of metals, as these exhibit a distinctly higher emissivity at the short measurement wavelength of 1μm than at measurements in the previously conventional wavelength range of 8-14 μm.

In parallel with the visualization of a thermal process, the high-performance sensor electronics allow a short reaction time of 1ms for the displaying of the temperature information of the center pixel.

The spectral range of 500 to 540 nm of the newly developed thermal imager IR 05M decreases measurement errors resulting from unknown or changing emissivities. Due to the spectral range as well as the continous measurement range from 900 to 2000 °C, the compact infrared camera is perfectly suited for temperature measurements of molten metals.


Technical Parameters:

  • High dynamic CMOS detector with up to 764 x 480 pixels resolution
  • Wide measurement ranges from:
  • 450 °C to 1800 °C (1M)
  • from 900 °C to 2000 °C (05M)
  • Up to 1 kHz frame rate for fast processes
  • Real-time analog output with 1 ms response time
  • Extensive software package included

Infrarot UEKA IR1M


Infrared camera for temperature measurement in the glass industry

The IR 450/640 G7 infrared camera are the first industry-specific thermal imaging camera in this series. Designed specially for the glass industry, these cameras measure in only one low frequent spectral range.

The typical parameters of these cameras – high measurement speed (80 Hz), high optical resolution (640 x 480 pixels) and compact design – were kept to allow for the capturing of real-time thermal images of everything from glass beads right up to large panes.

The IR camera is used as a line-scan camera in the field of sheet glass production and offers various possibilities for documenting and controlling the process.

This compact, high-performance infrared camera for the glass industry is available with interchangeable lenses and industrial accessories. The comprehensive license-free software package is included in the price.

Technical parameters:

  • Temperature range: 200 °C to 1,500 °C
  • Spectral range: 7.9 µm
  • Frame rate: up to 125 Hz
  • Size: 46 mm x 56 mm x 90 mm

Mikroskop Optique microscopique et données optiques des lentilles

Microscope lens for the inspection of PCB

The newly developed Microscope lenses are especially designed for thermal inspection of PCB and analyses of small chip level components down to 28 μm. The distance between the measurement object and the thermal imager can changed between 80 and 100 mm (3.15 and 3.94 in).



  • Exchangeable, focusable optics for most flexible use of the camera
  • Analysis of small chip level components down to 28 μm
  • Hands-free operation for simultaneous testing and IR imaging
  • Frame rates up to 125 Hz allow inspection of fast processes (like pulsed laser diodes)
  • Radiometric video or tiff recording with +/-2 °C measurement accuracy
  • License-free analysis software



Thermal Imager Optics

The variety of different lenses offers the possibility to precisely measure objects in different distances. We offer lenses for close, standard distances and lagre distances.
Different parameters are important if using infrared cameras. They display the connection between the distance of the measured object and the size of the pixel. When choosing a lens, the following data should be considered:

  • HFOV: Horizontal enlargement of the total measuring field at object level
  • VFOV: Vertical enlargement of the total measuring field at object level
  • IFOV: Size of the single pixel at object level
  • DFOV: Diagonal dimension of the total measuring field at the object level
  • MFOV: Recommended, smallest measured object size of 3 x 3 pixel



UEKA-IRConnect Logiciel inclus


Extensive infrared camera software

  • No additional costs
  • No restrictions in licensing
  • Modern software with intuitive user interface
  • Remote control of camera images in different windows
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and Linux (ubuntu)

UEKA-IRConnect-1Temperature data analysis and documentation

  • Triggered data collection
  • Radiometric video sequences (*.ravi)
  • Radiometric snapshots (*.jpg, *.tiff)
  • Text files including complete temperature information for analysis in Excel (*.csv, *.dat)
  • Data with color information for standard programs such as Photoshop or Windows Media Player (*.avi, *.jpg, *.tiff)
  • Data transfer in real time to other software programs via DLL or Comport interfaces

UEKA-IRConnect-2Automatice process and quality control

  • Individual setup of alarm levels depending on the process
  • BI-SPECTRAL process monitoring (IR an VIS) for easy orientation at point of measurement
  • Definition of visual or accustic alarms and analog data output via the process interface
  • Analog and digital signal input (process parameter)
  • External communication of software via Comports and DLL
  • Adjustment of thermal image via reference values

UEKA-IRConnect-3High level of individualization for customer specific display

  • Different layout options for an individual setup (arrangement of windows, toolbar)
  • Temperature display in °C or °F
  • Various language options including a translation tool
  • Range of individual measurements parameter fitting for each application
  • Adaption of thermal image (mirror, rotate)
  • Individual start options (full screen, hidden, etc.)

UEKA-IRConnect-4Video recording and snapshot function (IR or BI-SPECTRAL)

  • Recording of video sequences and detailled frames for further analysis or documentation
  • BI-SPECTRAL video analysis (IR and VIS) in order to highlight critical temperatures
  • Adjustment of recording frequency to reduce data volume
  • Display of snapshot history for immediate analysis

UEKA-IRConnect-5Extensive online and offline data analysis

  • Analysis supported by measurement fields, automatic hot and cold searching
  • Real time temperature information within main windows as digital or graphic display
  • Logic operation of temperature information (measurement fields and image substraction)
  • Slow motion repeat of radiemetric files and analysis without camera beeing connected
  • Editing of sequences such as cutting and saving of individual images
  • Various color palettes to highlight thermal contrasts

UEKA-IRZubehoer Accessoires pour caméras thermiques


Cooling housing and mounting angle adjustable in two axis


Lenses (23°, 6°, 48° and72°)


Mechanical accessories. Mounting base


Protective housing (stainless steel)


High temperature USB cable

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