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We attach great importance to customer orientation. Realising customized solutions and connectors is a challenge we love to meet. Subsequently, we reveal some customized application to provide you an insight into the diverse options.

It is about connectors based on spring contact probes, e.g. high-density-connectors with pitches starting from 0,4mm. We are looking forward to meeting your future expectations.


Examples of customized Solutions (non standard products):

Kelvin contact for 4-conductor testing

vierleiter kelvin-kontakt
  • fast, user-friendly mounting
  • small plug-force
  • low resistance
  • no reagent required
  • 6 - 8A continous current
  • pre-clamped contact pins with low danger of tiredness
  • small wear
  • high surge currents possible
  • very long life time
  • no marks of abrasion at the test item

Pogo-Ring Testadapter, Schnittstelle als modulares Interface

Sonderbauform Pogo-Ring-Adapter

The adaption of test pads arranged in a circle, will be realized by using a ring with contact spring probes implemented. Following the given electrical and mechanical specifications, contact spring probes with different spring forces and dimensions will be used.

5-pin connector with spring loaded rotation probes

  • Only 40 mm long
  • Probes rotate 90°
  • Probes changeable
  • Diameter 14 mm
  • Crimp-connection

25-pin D-Sub compatible connector with spring contact probes

25-poliger D-Sub kompatibler Steckverbinder

For up to 1 million cycles

  • 3A load per pin
  • replaceable probes
  • Life cycle of 10 years thanks to peek plastic

Coaxial- Board-to-Board Connector

boardtoboard interconnect

Board-to-Board interconnect featuring coaxial air gap technology. This short signal path allows for various probe tips, pitch, travel and termination options

High-Density-Coaxial Interconnect

coaxial probes and cables

Designed for increased speed, density, and high electrical performance, this product features replaceable coaxial probes and cables in an easy modified housing providing controlled impedance and bandwidths up to 7 GHz.

Industrial robot


Both mechanical and electrical interface between robot arm and interchangeable hand.

22- pin Connector

  • max. 3A,
  • Pitch: 1.25mm
  • 100,000 cycles
  • floating
  • special geometrical form enables centered test pin and process safety

14- pin Connector

  • max. 3A
  • Pitch: 2.54mm
  • 100,000 cylces
  • User-friendly maintenance (2 parts)
  • Process safety thanks to precentered test pin

90° Connector


Using probes and conductive elastomers

Latched Connector


The latched connector snaps on and off quickly and easily. Utilizing industry standard replaceable spring probes, this highly cost-effective solution is designed to withstand a lifetime of rough handling and abuse while being field serviceable.

Wired DC Connector


Low cost spring probes in a mountable design features a simple connect/disconnect feature which maintains matched impedance and dielectric constant throughout the signal path.



Designed to mate with an off-the-shelf SMA connector, this SMA coaxial block features a signal probe suspended in air, and one ground probe, combined to offer up to 3 GHz bandwidth.

3- pin Surface Mount Connector


Solderable and small to withstand rough handling, this vertical mount 3-pin connector can provide a high-current signal in a small package.

7- poliger, oberflächenmontierbarer Steckverbinder


Solderable connector with mounting holes for connection to PCB. This custom design can be secured to a board with screws as well as alignment pins. Customizable features include spacing, OAL and extension from housing.

5- pin X-Connector


4 pins for ground and one center signal pin. Customizable pattern allows for 5 separate connections or a shielded coaxial signal path with multiple cycle connectivity.

Loaded Board Functional Testing

board functional testing

This connector is designed to minimize damage to the connector on the circuit board after multiple cycles. This solution offers a fast turnaround time, special alignment features, and a cycle life over 250.000.

Customized Coaxial Probe Block

coaxial probe block

Signal and ground probes suspended in air dielectric for maximum signal integrity. Block allows for easy mounting to an existing board footprint.

Testing Unit for dirty environments


Optimum performance in dirty environments, this solution provides a fail-safe receptacle block featuring an alignment plate to protect against misaligned pins.

Coaxial Probe Block with SMA Connector


This design allows for controlled bandwidth and maximum signal integrity.

Right Angle Coax Probe


The unique design allows a direct connection to a board while providing a reliable signal path at 90°

5-Pin Surface Mount Connector


Solderable header featuring a unique design which allows for component clearance. Probes are arrayed in a plastic header assembly providing extremely reliable interconnection.

Battery Connector


Designed to permanently mount to a PCB, this highly cost-sensitive design offers fail-safe reliability up to 500.000 cycles.

3- Pin Interconnect


Available with tape-and-reel packaging, this 3-position design provides reliability and ruggedness, and is designed to withstand extreme shock and vibration in harsh environments.

OEM Connector Block

oem connector

A cost effective assembly with shielded cable to transfer and maintain integrity of highly sensitive test data.

Probe Rings


Designed for custom connection to a device

Cabled Interface

cabled interface design

Coaxial connections in a hardened metallic housing.

Spring Probe Header


Produced in high volumes, this probe header has a cycle life of up to 500.000 with resistance less than 50 milliohms. In addition this low cost customizable footprint allows for easy replacement of spring probes.

High-Density Connector with 0,4 mm pitch

High-Density Steckverbinder
  • spring contact probes, modular design
  • 100,000 cycles
  • max. 3A per continous current per pin
  • transfer resistance 0 35mΩ
  • terminations: solder cup, wire wrap, connector

Interface 200/400/600-pins

Steckverbinder 200 pins
  • interface with spring contact probes
  • 200 pins, modular design
  • floating supported with centering on request
  • 100,000 cycles
  • pitch: 1.27mm
  • max. 3A continous current per pin
  • transfer resistance 0 35mΩ
  • terminations: solder cup, wire wrap, wired connection plug board

Test socket for Bio-Chips, 121-pins

  • test socket: 121-pins
  • pitch: 0.8 mm
  • the block was designed for the electrochemical analysis to identify the DNA-structure of blood tests.

Chip card reader - contact block


Contact block to write/read chip cards (8 pins) based on spring contact probes/battery contacts.

Pinblock - 6 pins

6-poliger Steckverbinder

6- pin connector, spring probes

Connector with RS-232- interface

Steckverbinder mit RS-232- Schnittstelle
  • spring loaded connector
  • D-SUB25-connector attached for adaptation to a seriell RS-232 interface

High frequency-Field-Block


Realisation of transfers of high-frequency signals (screened by surrounding Ground-pins, 50Ω-charakteristic) due to integration of a brass block.

Rugged Connector (metal design)

Robuster Steckverbinder (Metallausführung)
  • rugged, spring loaded connector for high current application
  • metal design
  • suitable for military application, for high load and best possible reliability