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Multi-Access Fixtures

Pneumatic Multi Access FixtureThe multi-access pneumatic fixture is designed for precision testing of today's high volume, complex PCB's as either a PC based or as a standalone functional board test system. Our High Speed Pneumatic fixtures optionally use four quadrant linear motion for larger PCBs with high point counts. Microcontroller based electronic sequencing controls are available for pneumatic actuation from side, top and bottom access units. Benefits include: access to individual connectors, replaceable low cost saver cards, fully automated test and complete test debug prior to tester shipment. Custom solutions / sizes available. Three standard kit options.

Pneumatic Edge Connector

Pneumatic Edge ConnectorThe pneumatic edge connector fixture is designed for high volume PCB production for products with either male/female connectors or card edge gold fingers. Benefits include: standard hardware, reliability and low cost. Each design can be customized to specific requirements such as adapting to a PC chassis and/or utilizing extender cards and power cycling reduction. In-line options available.

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