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Logic Test Socket

leeno test socketOffers test sockets for use on a wide range of packages (i.e., BGA, LGA, QFN, QFP, CSP, TSOP, SOP) and PoP; can be used for Multi-Parallelism, a total solution for the logic test socket.


Package Type: FBGA, PoP, QFN, QFP, SOP etc.
Available pitch: 0.25P~
Characteristics: AP-Memory Bi-directional Test 0.4P Impedance Matching Coaxial Structure

Product Series

Package Type: 16LGA

leeno test socket 16lga

Pitch: 0,5 mm
Characteristics: 8 Parallel Manual Test

Package Type: 100 QFP

leeno test socket 100qfp

Pitch: 0,5 mm
Characteristics: Kelvin Contact Test

Package Type: 251BGA

leeno test socket 251bga

Pitch: 0,4 mm
Characteristics: Standard

Package Type: 1745BGA

leeno test socket 1745bga

Pitch: 1,0 mm
Characteristics: Air Coaxial 50Ω Matching

Package Type: 1249NSP

leeno test socket 1249nsp

Pitch: 0,568 mm
Characteristics: Normal

Package Type: 1292BGA, 272BGA

leeno test socket 1292bga 272bga

Pitch: 0,4 mm
Characteristics: Bi-directional PoP Test Socket

Package Type: 1296BGA, 361BGA

leeno test socket 1296bga 361bga

Pitch: 0,4 mm
Characteristics: Adjoining PKG Test Socket

Package Type: 2021BGA

leeno test socket 2021bga

Pitch: 1,0 mm
Characteristics: 270W Cooling System Cover