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PVC Vacuum cover

PVC Vacuum Abdeckung

Model Max UUT Dimension
2001-1620 11,0x13,8 15,8x15,2
2002-1818 12,6x10,6 18,2x14,6
2003-1823 12,6x24,8 17,8x28,8
2004-2024 14,7x18,1 19,9x22,2
2005-2030* 14,7x24,2 19,9x28,2
2006-2430* 18,4x24,2 23,6x28,2

* Floating Vakuum Cover

Mechanical Overclamb 700 Series

Mechanical Overclamb 700 Series

Model Max. UUT Dimension
160-1818 Overclamb 13,84x9,93 18,35x13,20
161-1830 Overclamb 13,84x24,18 18,35x27,37
162-1824 Overclamb 13,84x20,43 18,85x23,19
163-1818D/1620D Overclamb 8,04x5,42 12,43x8,12
164-1624 Overclamb 10,06x19,50 15,00x23,12
165-1630 Overclamb 10,06x25,50 15,00x29,12
700-1216 Overclamb 8,04x12,42 12,55x15,22
701-1620 Overclamb 12,04x16,42 16,55x19,12
702-2024 Overclamb 16,04x20,42 20,55x23,12
703-2030 Overclamb 16,04x26,4 20,43x29,12
704-2430 Overclamb 20,04x26,42 24,43x29,12
705-1224 Overclamb 12,24x11,90 16,75x14,61

GenRad Opens Xpress Komponente

All dimensions in inches

Model Dimension Description
805636   GR OFM Mux Card
1211 1,07x1,07 Probe Assembly and Sensor
1212 0,50x0,30 Probe Assembly and Sensor
1213 0,77x0,53 Probe Assembly and Sensor
1214 0,94x0,94 Probe Assembly and Sensor
1215 0,73x0,33 Probe Assembly and Sensor
1216 6,25x0,44 Probe Assembly and Sensor
1217 2,00x2,00 Probe Assembly and Sensor
1218 3,00x3,00 Probe Assembly and Sensor

HP TestJet und Polarity Check Komponenten

All dimensions in inches

Model Dimension Description
804352   HP TJ Mux Card
806924   HP TJ Mux Plus Ref Card
178   Polarity Check Small BC
179   Polarity Check Small D
804353   HP TJ Package
804355 SO 14, 16 TJ Sensor Plate
804356 SO 20 TJ Sensor Plate
804357 1,2x1,2 TJ Sensor Plate
804358 2,5x2,5 TJ Sensor Plate

Teradyne Frame Scan Komponenten

All dimensions in inches

Model Dimension Description
805960   Frame Scan Plus Kit
804353   Frame Scan Plus Probe Package
804355 SO 14, 16 Frame Scan Sensor Plate
804356 SO 20 Frame Scan Sensor Plate
804357 1,2x1,2 Frame Scan Sensor Plate
804358 2,5x2,5 Frame Scan Sensor Plate
178   Cap Scan Small BC
179   Cap Scan Small D

Mechanical Side Access Unit

Model Length x Width x Height
371-9.75 Probe Block 13,69x7,62x4,75
372-7.75 Probe Block 11,69x7,62x4,75
373-5.75 Probe Block 9,69x7,62x4,75
374-3.75 Probe Block 7,69x7,62x4,75

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