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Thermostat électrique intégré


As an option we are offering an integrated temperature controlling system. It is a thermostat which will be implemented under the cover of “cold” side.

Due of this solution isn’t any further space in your switching case necessary!

UETR-S380 is a 2-point controller with adjustable temperature range between 0°C and 62°C.

With a DIP-switch is an easy configuration possible. With adjustable 32 steps is resolution 2°C and hysteresis in 4 steps (1°C / 3°C / 5°C / 10°C) selectable.

Order information:

UETR-S380-24-KIT – (24VDC-retrofit kit)

UETR-S380-24-INT – (additional to order with specific 24VDC-cooling unit)

datasheet 24VDC

UETR-S380-48-KIT – (48VDC-retrofit kit)

UETR-S380-48-INT – (additional to order with specific 48VDC- cooling unit)

datasheet 48VDC