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uwe electronic offers different heating elements for air conditioning and temperature control of housings and surfaces. For frost protection or condensation protection in control cabinets or switch cabinets, PTC heaters or fan heaters are available for enclosures.

For the tempering of surfaces at very high temperatures up to 400°C, heating plates made of micanite are used. These flat heaters are used e. g. in soldering systems, where each individual plate can have a heating capacity of more than 1 KW. For very small surfaces we can offer a miniature panel heater with integrated micro heating cartridges. The heating power is 300W on an area of 50x50mm.

Schaltschrankheizung Cabinet heaters UEHK

ArtikelTypeVoltagePowerProtection classTemperature (on/off)DimensionsWeightMounting positionMountingDatasheet
UEHK-TS-50W Heater with thermostat 110-265 VAC 50W IP54 / 1 38°C / 54°C 71 x 58 x 22mm 170g any Screw mounting clear
UEHK-TS-90W Heater with thermostat 230VAC 90W IP54 / 1 25°C / 55°C 142 x 72 x 53mm 350g vertical DIN-rail mounting clear
UEHK-LH-400W Heater with fan & thermostat 230VAC 400W IP20 / 1 46°C / 71°C 135 x 89 x 115mm 1.250g horizontal DIN-rail mounting clear
UEHK-TS-500W Heater with thermostat 230VAC 500W IP54 / 1 35°C / 65°C 300 x 67 x 70mm 1.400g horizontal DIN-rail mounting clear
UEHK-PTC-50W PTC-Heater 110-265 VAC 50W IP54 / 2 max. 115°C 50 x 25 x 120mm 350g vertical DIN-rail mounting clear
UEHK-PTC-150W PTC-Heater 110-265 VAC 150W IP54 / 2 max. 120°C 150 x 89 x 80mm 1.200g vertical DIN-rail mounting clear

Plattenheizer UEPH-230-300 Plate heater UEPH-230-300

Plattenheizer UEPH-230-300


Heating power: 300W
Power supply: 230VAC
Dimension (LxWxH): 50x50x14mm
Thermo element Type K (NiCr-Ni)
Threaded boreholes: 4xM3 und 4x M4


Flachheizkoerper Flat heater UEFH

OrderinformationPart No.VoltagePowerDimensionsTypeConnectionsCable lengthHolesDatasheet
UEFH-200-200-BIF-GUD 25236 240 VAC 2x1.000W 200x200mm Mikanit in stainless steel 3x D1,5 mm² 600mm 9x10 mm clear
UEFH-22-12 25241 24 VDC 5W 22x12mm Mikanit in stainless steel 2x Flex Silicone 400mm - clear
UEFH-300-205 25215 240 VAC 1.100W 300x205mm Mikanit in stainless steel 2x Screw M5 - - clear
UEFH-500-80-1200-UL 25226 240 VAC 1.000W 500x80mm Mikanit in stainless steel 2x AWG16 Teflon fiber glass 1.200mm 5x12 mm clear
UEFH-560-100-1000 25250 240 VAC 1.400W 560x100mm Mikanit in stainless steel 2x Teflon fiber glass 1.000mm 5x12 mm clear
UEFH-680-80-1200-UL 25238 240 VAC 1.400W 680x80mm Mikanit in stainless steel 2x AWG16 Teflon fiber glass 1.400mm 7x12 mm clear

Technische Änderungen und Irrtümer vorbehalten. | Specifications subject to change without notice!