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Complete packages for heating and cooling:

Uwe electronic offers consisting components. All miniature evaluation kits are assemblies of peltier modules with heat sink/fan combination. They can be assembled with aluminium block and integrated sensor too.

For cooling units and heating foils we offer complete packages with temperature controller and power supply. Of course we advise you in a customized combination.

Miniatur Peltier Evaluation Kits Miniature Peltier Evaluation Kits

Evaluation kits in order to temperate effectively your components. We propose 4 versions with different dimensions and cooling capacities. Adapted power supplies and temperature controllers are optionnaly available, anabling to buy a plug and play solution for each version.
The versions are respectively composed of 1 heatsink/fan combination and 1 Peltier module (TEM).

 Order referenceDimensionsactive cooling/heating surfaceWeightUIPelPrice
Version 1 UEPT-KIT1 27x27x22mm 22x22mm 23g 5VDC ~2,2A 12W € 103,-
Version 2 UEPT-KIT2 40x40x20mm 30x30mm 38g 5VDC ~3A 15W € 103,-
Version 3 UEPT-KIT3 60x60x44mm 40x40mm 240g 12VDC ~4A 50W € 110,-
Version 4 UEPT-KIT4 90x90x83mm 40x40mm 830g 12VDC ~10A 120W a. A.


DescriptionOrder referencePrice
Thermal paste(3g) Datasheet UEPK-WPA € 16,70
two-component thermal adhesive 2x3,5g Datasheet UEPK-WKLE2 € 21,-
Phase Change Material, Tc 45°C, 5g tin Datasheet UEPK-WPCM-P07-10 € 28,60

Miiniatur Aktivkühlung 1

UEPT-kit3-pt100 Miniatur Peltier Kit with integrated sensor}

Order referenceDimensionsactive cooling/heating surfacePeltier Module
UEPT-KIT3-PT100 60x60x54mm 40x40mm with integrated PT100 UEPT-140-127-050C200S
UEPT-KIT3-NTC10K 60x60x54mm 40x40mm with integrated NTC10K UEPT-140-127-060C200S
UEPT-KIT4-PT100 90x90x97mm 40x40mm with integrated PT100 UEPT-140-127-150C200S
UEPT-KIT4-NTC10K 90x90x97mm 40x40mm with integrated NTC10K UEPT-140-127-150C200S

Heizfolien Kits 230VAC Flexible heaters kits 230VAC

Modular kit for heating of all types of surfaces. You can choose between following alternatives.

TypeDescriptionDimensionsOrder referencePrice
Heating elements Polymid flexible heater UEHF-228-76
880W, 230V Tmax 175°C
228x76mm UEHF-KIT230V € 299,-
Polyester flexible heater UEHF300-120
65W,230V Tmax 90°C
Temperature controller E5GN-Q1P-100-240VAC  
Solid state relays Type 001JDA241000,
10A 240 VAC switching capacity
Temperature controller UETF-Y15-M101
EL. 100mm,d 6mm, measurement range -50 to +200°C


Heizfolien Kits 230VAC
Alternative versions on demand.

Heizfolien Kits 24VDC Flexible heaters kits 24VDC

TypeDescriptionDimensionsOrder referencePrice
Heating elements Polyester flexible heater UEHF-300-120 300 x 120 mm UEHF-KIT24V -
2x Silicone flexible heater UEHF-100-100-10.0W-S 100x100mm
Temperature controller UETR-MOST-16A  
Power supply OMRON S8VS-12024 (120W/24VDC)  


Heizfolien Kits 24VDC
Alternative versions on demand.
Technische Änderungen und Irrtümer vorbehalten. | Specifications subject to change without notice!


Alternative versions on demand .