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The spring contacts, which are also often spring-loaded contact pins, are mainly used in the testing of printed circuit boards. The spring contacts built the electro-mechanical connection between the test system and the DUT. The spring contacts are mounted in receptacles which are mounted in the test fixture.
FederkontakteThrough this mounting system, the spring contacts can quickly exchanged without the wiring having to be replaced. Probes are a durable component, which can perform several hundred thousand contact cycles with stable contact resistance. This longevity has led to the spring contact pins in the testing of printed circuit boards are unrivaled.

The main advantages of the spring contact are here:

  • Longevity
  • Constant contact resistance
  • Interchangeable
  • Easy installation in the test adapter by using receptacles
  • High pointing accuracy
  • High currents and frequencies possible


Uwe electronic offers a wide variety of spring-loaded contact pins, which are extraordinary in their high quality and lifetime. The variety allows the user to find the perfect test needle for each application.