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leeno memory test socketUsing advanced precision injection molding equipment and patented technology, LEENO can provide molded sockets for various package sizes for memory sockets.


Package Type: BGA, TSOP etc.
Pitch: 0,30P~
Customizing: GPS (Device Alignment System), Floating Type, Hybrid BK Type

Product Series

Package Type: 216BGA

leeno memory test socket 216bga

Pitch: 0,4 mm
Customizing: 216FBGA- 12,0x12,0x1,02T
Socket Size: 27,0x17,0x4,65

Package Type: 288BGA

leeno memory test socket 288bga

Pitch: 0,35 mm
Customizing: 288FBGA- 14,0x14,0x0,76T
Socket Size: 27,0x17,0x3,75

Package Type: 546BGA

leeno memory test socket 546bga

Pitch: 0,3 mm
Customizing: 546FBGA- 14,0x16,0x0,76T
Socket Size: 27,0x17,0x3,15

Package Type: 266BGA

leeno memory test socket 266bga

Pitch: 0,3 mm
Customizing: 266-FBGA- 14,0x14,0x0,62T
Socket Size: 27,0x17,0x3,75

Package Type: 383BGA

leeno memory test socket 383bga

Pitch: 0,4 mm
Customizing: 383FBGA- 9,0x9,0x1,18T
Socket Size: 227,0x17,0x5,40

Package Type: 48TSOP

leeno memory test socket 48tsop

Pitch: 0,5 mm
Customizing: 48TSOP-1-20,0x12,4x1,20T
Socket Size: 28,0x19,0x4,75