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VG- BlockWe offer different interfaces starting at the 4-block-receiver (fixture) up to a 24-block-receiver. We have the best VG-interfaces for almost each application.

We also have a huge variety of vacuum fixtures and mechanical fixtures. As the blocks are standardized regarding their fitting dimension, we provide a lot of combinations for the number of pins, current or coaxial connection.

Interfaces with 30 pins and 40 A, coaxial probes with 50Ω and 75Ω nominal impedance and blocks with up to 170 pins complete our portfolio.


ProductFixture BlocksModel Number / Data sheet
Coax Blocks 4-Contacts VGRCB-4C
  13-Contacts VGRCB-13C
  13-Contacts VGRCB-13C75
  13-Contacts VGRCB-013CF-26G
Coax/Power Blocks 15-Contacts VGRCB-15CP
  24-Contacts VGRCB-24CP
  32-Contacts VGRCB-32CP
  13-Contacts, F.Alignment VGRCB-13CPF
  15-Contacts, F.Alignment VGRCB-15CPF
  22-Contacts, F.Alignment VGRCB-22CPF
  24-Contacts, F.Alignment VGRCB-24CPF
  30-Contacts, F.Alignment VGRCB-30CPF
  32-Contacts, F.Alignment VGRCB-32CPF
Coax/Power/Signal Blocks 19-Contacts, 20 signal lines VGRCB-39CPS
Pneumatic Blocks 13-pneumatische Contacts VGRCB-13PNEU
Power Blocks 32-Contacts VGRCB-32P
Signal Blocks 170-Contacts GRCB-170
  170-Contacts,F.Alignment VGRCB-170F
  110-Contacts VGRCB-110
  110F-Contacts, F.Alignment VGRCB-110F
  40-Contacts VGRCB-40
  40F-Contacts, F.Alignment VGRCB-40F
  136-Contacts, Ribbon cable VGRCB-136

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