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Active BGA Heatsink and Fan Combination

The following active heat sinks are particularly low and are offered with a suitable small fan. The supply voltage is 5VDC.

Straight Fins

Active BGA Heatsink/Fan Combination

Part No.Dim. (LxBxH)
CHBF3127271802-00 27x27x18 3,07 14,5 AL6063 Data Sheet
CEBF0135351601-00 35x35x16 2,32 15 AL6063 Data Sheet
CEBF0135351801-00 35x35x18 2,28 17 AL6063 Data Sheet
CEBF0140401601-00 40x40x16 1,95 21 AL6063 Data Sheet
CEBF0142422000-00 42,5x42,5x20 1,50 27 AL6063 Data Sheet
CEBF0145452000-00 45x45x20 1,30 32 AL6063 Data Sheet