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Programmable temperature process controller E5CN-HT with PID-Controller

This digital temperature controller is programmable for ramps.

  • Set up to 8 programmed patterns with up to 32 segments (steps) each
  • High-resolution display with 5 digits/0.01°C display in a compact Controller (48 x 48 mm)
  • High-speed sampling cycle of 60 ms
  • High Accuracy
    Thermocouple/Pt input: ±0.1% of PV
    Analog input: ±0.1% FS
  • Universal inputs on all models (thermocouple, PT, or analog input)
    to handle various sensors with one Controller
  • A PV/SV-status display function can be set to automatically alternate between
    displaying the status of the Temperature Controller (auto/manual, RUN/RESET, and alarms) and the PV or SV
  • Flexible contact outputs with logic operations (AND, OR, and delays) set from the
    Support Software (CX-Thermo version 4.3) Program settings can be managed
  • Preventive maintenance for relays in the Temperature Controller using a Control Output ON/OFF Counter

Technical Data:

  • Operating voltage: 24VDC or 230VAC
  • Control outputs: relay output 250VAC, 3A
  • Voltage output: 12V, 0,21mA
  • Temperature range (ambient): -10 to +55°C
  • Indication accuracy: thermocouple input: ±0,1% of PV
  • Pt input: ±0,2% of SV
  • Protection category frontpanel: IP66
  • Dimensions: 48x48x78mm

Order information / accessories:

Standard-Regler E5CN E5CN-HT

Fig. Description Article Part.-no. Notes/Details

Standard-Regler E5CN Temperature Controller E5CN-HTQ2MD-500-AC/DC24 6324 24VDC
  E5CN-HTQ2M-500-100-240AC 6327 100-240VAC
Datasheet User Manual Communication manual

UETF-PT100-OK-P-2000 25257 Temperature sensor

Pic. Product Type Ordering Description Part- No. Notes,Data Sheet
UETF-PT100-OK-P-2000 25257

Surface mounting

temperature sensor

(self adhesive)
PT100 UETF-PT100-OK-P-2000 25257 selfadhesive mountig cap,

UETF-PT100-OB-P-2000 25259

Surface mounting

temperature sensor

(V2A stainless steel)
PT100 UETF-PT100-OB-P-2000 25259 5mm mounting hole,

UETF-PT100-LU-P-2000 25255 Air temperature sensor PT100 UETF-PT100-LU-P-2000 25255

V2A protection cover,

UE-Y15-M2163-4O 45294 Temperature sensor PT100 UE-Y15-M2163-4O 45294


UE-Y15-M2163-4O 45294 Temperature sensor PT100 UETF-PT100-D3-30 25275


UETF-PT100-147 Thinfilm temperature sensor   UETF-PT100-147 25230 PT100,

UETF-PT100-170 Thinfilm temperature sensor   UETF-PT100-170 25235 PT100,

thermocouple probe 254px Spring loaded contact probe with integrated thermocouple   10702/100895-002 (Typ T)
10700/100895-000 (Typ K)

Infrarot-Temperaturfühler Single-piece sensor with smart LED display (self diagnostics, aiming support, alarm, temperature code   UETF-IR-L15K  


Infrarot-Temperaturfühler Single-piece two-wire sensor with electronics in cable   UETF-IR-K15A   Datasheet

UETF-ES1B Infrarotsensor

Range 10-70°C
Range 60-120°C
Range 115-165°C
Range 140-260°C




UETF-ES1C Infrarotsensor Range 0 - 400 °C   UETF-ES1C-0-400   Datasheet

Halbleiterrelais Solid State Relay

Fig. Description Article Part.-no. Notes/Details

Halbleiterrelais Solid State Relay 001KDD201200 4613 Nennlaststrom <12A
001KDD202500 4614 Nennlaststrom <25A
001KDD204000 4615 Nennlaststrom <40A

laststellwechsler Electrical Reverser Unit

Fig. Description Article Part.-no. Notes/Details

laststellwechsler Electrical Reverser Unit





at Load current <8A

at Load current <16A

Electrical Reverser Unit

Optionsmodul Option unit

Fig. Description Article Part.-no. Notes/Details


Option unit E53-CNQBN2 6297 Event inputs; additional switching voltage output,
E53-CNQ03N2 6295 Event inputs; additional switching voltage output, RS485-Interface
E53-CNQ01N2 6306 Event inputs; additional switching voltage output, RS232-Interface

CXThermo Adapter cable, Software

Fig. Description Article Part.-no. Notes/Details

CXThermo Software EST2-2C-MV4 5745 CX-Thermo Datasheet

  Adapter cable E58-CIFQ1 5911 Conversation USB-Cable

A pre-configuring / pre-programming of the controller by uwe electronic is possible.
Specifications subject to change without notice!