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Data loggerfor temperature & humity

  • Memory 32.000 Values (16.000 per temperature)
  • Interval measruement adjustable from 2 seconds up to 24 hours

Technische Daten
range -35..+70°C
Resolution 0,1°C
Accuracy ±1,0°C (-10..+40°C)
other ±2,0°C

Rel. humidity:
range 0..100%rF
Resolution 0,1%rF
Accuracy ±3%rF(40..60%), ±3,5%rF(20..40% and 60..80%)
othert ±5%rF

Memory 32.000 Values (16.000 per temperature)
Interface USB (integr.)
Software for Windows (english)
Dimension: 98x25x20mm
Weight 70 g
Battery 1x3,6 Volt Lithium 1/2 AA (approx. 1 year life time)
2 Status LED, incl. wall mount braket

Orderinformation: UE-TEMP-LOG