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Multisite test socket

Reduce Time and Cost with Multi-Site Solutions

Multi-site sockets include anything from strip test sockets to test sockets for wafer test to multi-position, singulated devices. The advantages of these sockets can be enormous as test time can be decreased by a factor of ten over conventional one up testing. In most cases, the throughput is only limited by tester capabilities and/or handling capacity.

Strip Test Sockets

Testing devices while still in a strip form has been around for many years and we have been a major player from the beginning. We have worked closely with various handler manufacturers to optimize designs for each particular application. Such advancements have included automated vision alignment fiducials, individually compliant plungers on lids, and removable alignment plates for manual test.

Wafer Level Test

With the industry making a more concerted effort to make Wafer Level Packaging a reality, we have developed a large knowledge base on the subject. The basis of our wafer level test sockets centers on an interposer style socket populated with probe patterns for the number of sites you are able to test with a single plunge. The specific site locations, orientation, and total number sites are customized to each application. We also offer the option of testing the devices on a singulated basis with the same socket using an optional alignment plate and lid. This enables the socket used in qualification testing or set-up verification to be moved directly from the lab to the production floor.

Multi-Site, Singulated Testing

logic test socket wlcsp 1The industry has practiced multi-site testing for numerous years, but this has primarily been achieved by using multiple sockets sitting side by side. We offer you the option of using one socket with multiple sites or multiple sockets. Multiple sites in one socket often allows for more spacing flexibility when real estate is at a premium. For the ultimate in adaptability we offer multi-site sockets which include a large socket frame with interchangeable inserts. With this design, you have the flexibility of populating only the sites you need and allows you to realize major cost savings.