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Peltier Cooling and Heating Units Air-to-Air

Cabinet coolers Air-to-Air

for switch desk cooling and display cooling

Our Air-to-Air Peltier cooling units can be used e.g. for air conditioning of switch cabinets. In addition, the units are also used for display cooling or for temperature control of display systems and housings.

No air is directly exchanged between the housing and its surroundings. In this way, a high IP protection of up to IP68 can be achieved. Only a small cutout in the control cabinet is required for mounting the cooling unit to a control cabinet. The required size is specified in the data sheets of the cooling units. The smaller side of the Peltier cooling unit is positioned inside. The larger side seals the unit on the one hand and effectively dissipates heat to the ambient air on the other.

The variation in the number of Peltier elements results in a range of devices from 50 W to 380 W connected load. For each Peltier cooling unit, the position of the electrical connection block can be configured either on the outside (hot side) or on the inside (cold side). It is also possible to design the voltage supply of the cooling units with 12VDC or 48VDC, in contrast to 24VDC. Further options are available for some units, e.g. quiet fans, higher IP protection or a mounting hood.

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Productimagedesignationcooling capacitypower consumptionConfigurationweight
Air to Air 50W Air to Air 50W305112V / 24V1,9
Air to Air 70W Air to Air 70W367212V / 24V1,9
Air to Air 80W Air to Air 80W367612V / 24V2,1
Air to Air 100W Air to Air 100W669812V / 24V4,1
Air to Air 215W Air to Air 215W13421512V / 24V / 48V7,3
Air to Air 380W Air to Air 380W17638924V / 48V6,8