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Compact and intelligent general-purpose controllers

The next generation E5_C temperature controller series is setting a new standard in terms of regulation performance easy set-up and outstanding visibility.

We suggest in combination with peltier modules following controllers:

Basic type E5CC:

  • 24VDC power supply: E5CC-QQ3D5M-000 (Art.nr. 1112)
  • 110-230VAC power supply: E5CC-QQ3A5M-000 (Art.nr. 1113)

E5CC with RS485 communication:

  • 24VDC power supply: E5CC-QQ3D5M-003 (Art.nr. 1118)

DIN Track Mounting Adapter E5CC:

  • Y92F-52 (Art. nr. 25391)

Prozesscontroller with programmable ramp E5CC-T

  • 24VDC power supply: E5CC-TQQ3D5M-000 (Art.nr. 6343)
  • 110-230VAC power supply: E5CC-TQQ3A5M-000 (Art.nr. 6344)

Technical Data:

  • Operating voltage: 24VDC or 100-240VAC
  • 2 control outputs for heating & cooling:
  • Temperature range (ambient): -10 to +55°C
  • Measurement and display accuracy:
    • thermocouple input: ±0,1% of PV
    • Pt input: ±0,2% of SV
    • Display 0,1°C
  • Protection category frontpanel: IP66
  • Dimensions: 48x48x60mm

Datasheet E5CC
Datasheet E5CC-T
Communications manual E5_C
Solutions Guide
Quick Start Guide
User Manual
Wiring Diagram


Basic universal controller:


  • 2-point controlling or PID controlling
  • Fast and precise regulation with 50ms sampling loop period time
  • Universal sensor inputs (thermocouple/Pt/analog)
  • Best contrast display using white LCD technology which is visible from a far distance and from any angle
  • Useful alarm and diagnosis functions for secure operations
  • 3-4 AUX outputs
  • Compact design (only 60mm depth)

Excellent control performance

Accurate and responsive control is assured by the fast 50 ms sampling time of the new controllers and by the use of Omron’s 2-PID control algorithm. This powerful and patented algorithm provides enhanced control stability, which guarantees consistent product quality. For less demanding applications, the E5CC/E5EC controllers also support simple on/off control.

High-contrast LCD display for best visibility

The large high-contrast white LED display featured by the new controllers provides exceptional clarity and can be read from a distance and from almost any angle, irrespective of the ambient lighting conditions. This not only maximises convenience for users, but also virtually eliminates the risk of reading errors.

E5CC LCD Display

Easy set-up, quick and intuitive operation

Setting up the controllers is made easy by the incorporation of auto-tuning algorithms, and by Omron’s new intuitive CX-Thermo support software. This enables faster parameter setting and straightforward device adjustment as well as greatly simplifying maintenance. A timesaving shift key is also provided on the controller front panel to allow rapid adjustment of set values, alternatively functions like Auto- Tuning or RUN/STOP could be associated



Intelligent Ramp/Soak controller E5CC-T


  • 8 memory banks for controlling parameters: (each 32 segments)
  • 2-point controlling or PID controlling
  • Fast and precise regulation with 50ms sampling loop period time
  • Universal sensor inputs (thermocouple/Pt/analog)
  • Best contrast display using white LCD technology which is visible from a far distance and from any angle
  • Useful alarm and diagnosis functions for secure operations
  • Up to 6 inputs and 4 AUX outputs
  • Compact design (only 60mm depth)

Process Control according to your needs

Applying less stress to valuable objects due to reduced temperature overshot (step response) and precise regulation in terms of disturbances, is our recipe for best processing results providing the added value for machine/object. Ramping and soaking can be fluently executed without the need for adjusting parameters manually. Even if there are changing process characteristics, the powerful auto-tuning quickly leads the user to a stable operation, overtaking PID settings automatically.

E5CC T Temperaturprofil

Setting-up temperature profiles is made easy by using CX-Thermo Software which is applicable for the whole E5_C Platform. This tool helps to visualize and track the process in diagrams or log data on an external host with Windows operation system.

Rely on our patented 2-PID

For many years our goal is to assure best regulation performance in temperature control. Following the patented 2-PID algorithm, integrated in almost every Omron controller, the same recipe can be found in the “T”-Programmer family. Combined with a unique control loop time of 50 ms and 0,1 °C of resolution, E5_C-T is the best partner for saving time in terms of quick disturbance response whilst keeping high precision in regulation of temperature. As the design of machines is continuously moving into high speed requirements, our controllers have already adapted to these tendencies.


Program Patterns: Programs: 8 patterns max., Segments: 32 max. per program

  • Program initial set point: Segment 0 set point, present value (PV), or fixed SP
  • Program start time: Standby operation (delay) can be set.
  • Repeating and linking programs are also possible.

Controlling the Program

  • Run (program operation started)/Reset (program operation stopped)
  • Advancing the segment holding
  • Waiting to advance to the next segment
  • Jumping to segments with a key operation

Adjusting PID Constants

  • You can easily set the optimum PID constants for the current PID set or for all PID sets by performing AT (auto-tuning) with the limit cycle method.
  • You can also add RT (robust tuning) to give priority to controlling stability.

"JUMBO" LCD display for best visibility

Providing the relevant PV/SV values on the largest display in its class on the Global Market*, with outstanding visibility and contrast. Even under severe ambient lighting conditions E5_C can be read from a far distance. Due to its modern ergonomic design (IF Design award) the E5_C can optically be integrated into every panel. Additional information about the executed program and operating segment can be seen at a glance.

E5CC LCD Display

Quick commissioning of machines


The E5_C series can be easily connected, set-up and operated in only a few steps using the instrument’s 5 front keys. The CX-Thermo software and useful navigation assistant for intuitive settings allows for a very quick parameter setting, easier device adjustment and simpler maintenance.

UETF-PT100-OK-P-2000 25257 Temperature sensor

Pic.ProductTypeOrdering DescriptionPart-No.Notes, Data Sheet
UETF-PT100-OK-P-2000 25257 Surface mounting

temperature sensor

(self adhesive)
PT100 UETF-PT100-OK-P-2000 25257 selfadhesive mountig cap,

UETF-PT100-OB-P-2000 25259

Surface mounting

temperature sensor

(V2A stainless steel)
PT100 UETF-PT100-OB-P-2000 25259 5mm mounting hole,

UETF-PT100-LU-P-2000 25255 Air temperature sensor PT100 UETF-PT100-LU-P-2000 25255 V2A protection cover,

UE-Y15-M2163-4O 45294 Temperature sensor PT100 UE-Y15-M2163-4O 45294 PT100,

UE-Y15-M2163-4O 45294 Temperature sensor PT100 UETF-PT100-D3-30 25275 PT100,

UETF-PT100-147 Thinfilm temperature sensor   UETF-PT100-147 25230 PT100,

UETF-PT100-170 Thinfilm temperature sensor   UETF-PT100-170 25235 PT100,

thermocouple probe 254px Spring loaded contact probe with integrated thermocouple   10702/100895-002 (Typ T)
10700/100895-000 (Typ K)

Infrarot-Temperaturfühler Single-piece sensor with smart LED display (self diagnostics, aiming support, alarm, temperature code   UETF-IR-L15K   Datasheet

Infrarot-Temperaturfühler Single-piece two-wire sensor with electronics in cable   UETF-IR-K15A   Datasheet

UETF-ES1B Infrarotsensor
Range 10-70°C
Range 60-120°C
Range 115-165°C
Range 140-260°C

UETF-ES1C Infrarotsensor Range 0 - 400 °C   UETF-ES1C-0-400   Datasheet

Halbleiterrelais Solid State Relay


Halbleiterrelais Solid State Relay 001KDD201200 4613 Nennlaststrom <12A
001KDD202500 4614 Nennlaststrom <25A
001KDD204000 4615 Nennlaststrom <40A

laststellwechsler Electrical Reverser Unit


laststellwechsler Electrical Reverser Unit



at Load current <16A

Electrical Reverser Unit

CXThermo Adapter cable, Software


CXThermo Software EST2-2C-MV4 5745 CX-Thermo Adobe Acrobat PDFDatasheet

  USB-Serial Conversion Cable E58-CIFQ2 5927 connection to CX Thermo

A pre-configuring / pre-programming of the controller by uwe electronic is possible.
Specifications subject to change without notice!